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>> 4.11.2009

Call it a fad.
Call it overrated.
Call it what you will.
It doesn't change the fact that there is an international crisis going on, and most of the world seems content to live in ignorance or denial.

When my children read about this in their history books and ask me, "Mommy, why didn't you help?" I don't want to have to look them in the eyes and say, "I just didn't have time..."
I will make time.

When Hitler began his revolution, and started carting Jews off to work camps, no one stood up. And now, sixty years later, we all scream, "This will never happen again! How could the world be so blind?"
Well, guess what. It is happening again.
A generation of children is fighting a war that they do not understand, do not believe in, and have no business even witnessing.
This is wrong.

I will not sit by anymore.
And just because I cannot get on a plane and physically rescue children, does not mean that I have to stand by and do nothing.

I know that it has been a long fight.
I know that we have all heard of it, got impassioned for it, and then our fire died out.
Rekindle it. Because it is not over. We cannot be a generation that changes the world if we give up when things do not happen immediately.
We have become so accustomed to getting things NOW, that we forget that real change takes time and exhausting effort.
We say we are a generation who is ready to stand up for social justice and fix things that the people before us could not.
But if we are going to do this, we must beat it into the ground, until every single person has come home.
We must continue to have a passion in our hearts, regardless of how long it takes.
Dedicate yourself to something, and see it through.

April 25.
See you there.

The Rescue.
The Game Plan.
The Reason.

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