sympathy's better than having to tell you the truth

>> 11.29.2007

Lost causes.

"I just need to be sure. I need to know that this is real, and strong, and forever."

I think I'm changing my major. I'm going back to writing and letting the idea of living with the tribes go free.
This brings up a few things:
-Do I have what it takes to make it as a writer?
-In ten years will I sit and think about what I cheated myself out of by giving up?
-Is this really okay?

I feel very tired and very alive all at the same time.
I feel like life holds endless opportunites and I just have to decide which ones I want.

Cheap, cheap, cheap.
That's everything I'm afraid of.


drrrrrrrrrrum rolllllllll

>> 11.24.2007

"Welcome back..."

"Good to be here. Ready for another adventure?"

"Hit us with your best shot, baby."

It was time. I can only contain the passion in my fingertips for so long. There are things about yourself, pieces of your soul that it is impossible to kill, no matter how long or how hard you try. I think God was a mastermind when He designed us this way.

I feel like I've aged seventy years since I was here last, and I feel like the world is so much larger and so much smaller all at once. I feel seasoned, like my soul is well-worn. It seems to me that life is a lot more rugged on some people than others.

How ironic that this should begin all over again in the last place I thought it would - "Home", if you'd like to phrase it that way. Oh, who knows. Maybe I'm just trying to make something out of nothing. Maybe all of those mountains I've climbed were really just molehills (is there such a thing?).

"Cut yourself some slack, kid. This life ain't long enough to drag it around."

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