>> 4.03.2010

There are things in life that will not happen unless I make them happen.
Sadly enough, this can cause problems for the extreme procrastinator that I am and also cause undue amounts of stress about not "seizing the day".
I always wake up full of hope which is promptly quenched around one o'clock when I decide that I simply do not have enough energy to follow through on those small dreams for the day.
This leads to lots of regret and discontent in my life, and rather than sit and complain about it until I turn eighty, I have chosen this day to try and make a small change.

I want to write again.
I miss the passion and frequency I had before I boiled it down to a science, fit it neatly into my box, and packed it away with my college degree.
I will write, and I will not put rules on it. I will let it flow and twist and writhe and pour out into words that may or may not coherently fit together.
If I can make a living out of it, good.
If not, even better.

Instead of doing something for the end result, I will do something simply to do it.
Instead of analyzing every move in my life, I will just move.
Sometimes without reason, and sometimes without thought.
But at least I will not be still and stuck.

I am going to use this body that I have exercised and taken care of.
Otherwise, what is the point?
Why work so hard to keep something in good condition if you're not going to take it and see everything that it is capable of?

What am I capable of?

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