>> 10.11.2010

Just a few quick things:

I love romance.
And my husband is good at it...I just thought I'd brag. : )

I had the most delicious breakfast the other morning.
Plus, it looked pretty, so I have finally taken a food picture and posted it to my blog.
Does that make me a "real" blogger now?

Our 50mm lens came, and I loved it, but it didn't autofocus 'cause apparently, my camera body is lacking an autofocus motor.
So, we sold said 50mm on eBay, and bought a 35mm (which actually turns out to be a 50mm with my camera. Complicated camera lingo, trust me) which is supposed to get here tomorrow.
I can't wait.
The little taste I had with the 50mm was enough to get me obsessed with my new lens.
Love it soooo much already, and I cannot WAIT to see all the new pictures I'm going to be taking with it!

Finally got to go to Sprinkles with my dear friend Kirra Sue, who, even though we have only met in person twice, I feel like we have been old friends for a long, long time.
She also brought along Livie, one of the cutest babies out there.
No, seriously.
I could not stop "awwwww"ing over her.
Plus, she was kind enough to let me take pictures of them with my new lens, so that got her even more brownie points in my book.
Love you girl.
(And you and T are REQUIRED to come visit in England. I'll take you to Jane Austen places, I promise!)


There is so much more going on, but I am at the library, where I am supposed to be working, but am taking advantage of the solid internet connection to update everything.

For now, let me just say that I am in "git 'er done" mode, when it comes to moving, and I feel like I will not be at peace until my apartment is empty and our suitcases are packed.
We're heading back to my home for a week or so, to say goodbye to everyone, which will be good but also terribly sad.
Pray for us, if you think about it.

Stress abounds, and we're doing our best to stay calm and united in the midst of it, but sometimes crankiness wins and I can't help snapping at my poor husband. He's been so understanding, but an extra measure of the Lord's patience would be wonderfully helpful.

'Til then...

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Kirra Sue October 11, 2010 at 2:02 PM  

sister friend! i loved seeing pictures on your blog. i hope to see more now that you got that rockin lens! i stole the one of me and livie- hope that's ok! can't wait to see you gain before you move across the world. :) xoxo

Kirra Sue October 11, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

ah- i just re-read the fine print.

you made me laugh about the food blogging.

i can't believe you had to get a new lens!?! so weird. i hope what is coming will work better!

livie is sitting on my couch right now pouring her water into the cushions. awesome. she is stinkin' cute though.

annnnnd t and i do need to come visit you. holy cow. i would die. of happiness. of course.

love you!

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