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>> 1.19.2009

Today has been eventful in the form of ridiculous activities that I do in my teeny little apartment in order to keep myself distracted from all the reading I need to catch up on.

Event #1: Flirty Girl Fitness

I know. I know. It even sounds ridiculous. But trust me, it kicks your butt. And it makes you smile. A friend of mine told me about it a few months ago and I originally looked at joining the gym that's here in Chicago. However, when I told my Dear Husband about this, he promptly killed those dreams.
("Babe, it's only $110 a month! I'll just work a few extra hours..."
"...Seriously? No way!")

I was looking around on the site again a few weeks ago (wistfully, I might add), and I noticed their DVD section. Turns out I can shake my behind in the comfort of my own home while working on my six-pack. I ordered the Teaser collection, and they just got here a few days ago. I popped in Booty Beat on Saturday and still feel like I am going to collapse. Today I did Chair Dancing and although I didn't sweat as much, I still got a decent workout, especially considering that my muscles are still asking me what I am thinking.

Honestly, I know it sounds crazy and a little sketchy. But (especially if you're hitched) it's really fun, and it let's you flaunt your feminine side without looking like a sleazeball.
So that's that.

Event #2: Nad's waxing strips.

I bought 'em like six months ago and have been semi-regularly using them on the lower half of my legs.
They don't get ALL the hair, but they get enough, AND your hair grows back way thinner and much more slowly than usual.
But still.

Use at your own risk.
That's all I'm sayin'.

I suppose that's enough for today. I've got Jewish Studies waiting for me, and people coming over tonight for Pizza and Monopoly. It's Husband's favorite. It also happens to be the only board game we own, so that narrows his choices down a little. : )

Have a good day off.

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