still and quiet

>> 1.21.2009

it's early in the morning (7:09, to be exact) and I've got to leave for school in a few minutes, but I couldn't help myself.
Sometimes there are moments that just ooze with peacefulness and quiet, and I need to stop and take note of that. Especially since those moments are few and far between.
My coffee's getting a little cold, but my husband is still asleep three feet away, I've already eaten breakfast and it's nice to just sit. This semester is so hectic already, that I am already feeling like I'm just treading water.
That's not exactly the best state of mind to be in, two weeks into it all.

We had youth group last night, which was good and trying. I enjoy working with these kids, and yet there is so much that I feel that I'm not doing. If there is anything in life that makes you realize that you really have control over nothing, it is working with teenagers.
There are moments that are so tough and helpless, and I just look at them and wonder why they cannot see the logic in what I am telling them.
Then I remember that they can't really see logic in much of anything, and the most important thing for me right now, is to just be there. To stand there while they lean on my shoulders and play with my hair and make me laugh at their nonsense.
To pray with them and listen to their dreams of becoming actors, surgeons, real estate agents, moms, and college graduates.
To remind them that there is more to this life than good hair and the right shoes.
To smile and say, "I'll see you guys next week, okay?"
And sometimes, that is enough.

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