>> 9.28.2009

This weekend I...

baked bagels.
made my first homemade soup.
made non-chemical cleaner.
cleaned a little.
wrote some papers.
read books (for school and NOT for school).
ran a 5k and cut six minutes off of last year's time.
grew a lot with my husband.
babysat and talked with a 12 year old about the Lord.
slept in.
drank a lot of coffee.
and smiled.

I got to be a wife this weekend. I got to bake things, and make my house smell good. I listened to a sermon with my husband and worked on our marriage.
I accomplished things, and it felt fantastic.

I also realized that I have 12 weeks of school left.
These are my last 12 weeks for a long, long time.
So close, so close, so close.

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