>> 11.19.2009

I am so, so tired today.
It's a worn out kind of tired, not a lack-of-sleep tired.
I'm just losing motivation.

School is over in three and a half weeks. I have a monumental amount to accomplish before I get there, and as deadlines are looming, my inspiration is drying up. I have had writer's block for four weeks already.
This is terrifying.

Relationships are wearing thin, and I'm just waiting for the rubber band to snap and break. Things are coming to a close on so many levels and winter is on it's way and I cannot help but stand here and think about how gray everything looks.
It's so easy to think about the future and ignore where you're actually standing.

The end is so close that I can taste it
, but it's not here yet and I'm having a hard time with that.

I'm actually going to finish something this time, but I still have to finish it.


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Kirra Sue November 20, 2009 at 12:24 AM  

you can do it! don't give up! girl i miss being a student so much, and yet i felt exactly how you feel right now!!!! there is soooo much to be thankful for during your time there!!!!! soak it all up! God WILL see you through. He will.

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