>> 6.27.2011

Today is June 27.
Jameson baby was due on June 22.

However, as of now, he has decided that he likes his current accommodations, and will not be joining the outside world for awhile.

Unfortunately for me, England has decided to get it's one week of summer now, which means that it is currently 90ish degrees and we don't have an air conditioner.
Despite wandering around in nothing but the smallest amount of clothing possible and drinking ice water, I am so hot and miserable that I'm not sure words can do it justice.

Also, my stretch marks appeared over night, which is a whole new battle to fight.
I think that I figured since I had gotten this far, maybe I had dodged them. Had my son come out on time, maybe I would have.
However, this is not the case, and so I am the proud new owner of a body that is completely unfamiliar.

Pray for me (and my husband).
I'm trying to remember what the finish line brings with it, and how much all of this will be worth it when I get there.
Plus, I will only be pregnant for nine more days at the most, since they'll induce me if I go fourteen days overdue. It might sound pessimistic, but I am trying to ready myself for this, since the midwife did not make my situation sound very promising at my last visit.
She comes tomorrow to check things over again, but I don't really think much progress has been made.
Again, I'm just reminding myself that he will come out eventually, even if it's July 6.

Sorry for the whining...I just had to let it out somewhere.

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Kirra Sue June 27, 2011 at 1:52 PM  

man i keep praying he'll make his way out. i'm so sure the, "you've just made such a comfy home for him!" is really old. so i'll skip that one & just say that i'm praying he makes his way ASAP. like stat. like yesterday. ugh & no air? no thank you! england. pull yourself together!!!!!! can i just say though- you look soooo good in your bikini over 9 months pregnant. like hello gowgeous. hang in there. kisses & hugs.

Phil & Melissa Wiebe June 27, 2011 at 2:48 PM  

cami, i know exactly how you feel!! (well except the pregnant in the summer) but... i didn't get any stretch marks till after 40 weeks... and ella sure liked her home inside me for more days than i want to say, as to not add to your discouragement... i'll be praying for you guys. enjoy him wiggling inside you. that is something that i totally miss. blessings -melissa

Ann June 28, 2011 at 12:04 AM  

Maybe instead of whine, just go with the "just stating the facts" phrase...

Are you still allowed to go to the pool? Is it more temperate than the outside world is for you now? I thought I read that you had an indoor pool nearby. I didn't know you had a beach! You looked good there =) [and the hubby, too]

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