>> 5.06.2008

The city is so alive.
Step outside of yourself and begin to see that live keeps flowing all around you. You're a rock in the middle of a stream of people, but it all just keeps moving.

Skyscrapers have become my stars and pavement my green grass.
Iced lattes are my teddy bear and the homeless man in the corner is my Jesus reminder.
The scenery may change, but you will never touch my heart.
It's all the same in so many different and inexplicable ways.

Just don't forget who you are and where you came from, kid. You may become a native, but a homeland can't ever be replaced.

It's good to sit and think and stare at words on a screen for awhile. I'm eating blueberry muffins again, but it's different this time.
Once again, you can take the girl out of the place, but you can't take the heart out of the girl.
I love the ironic of my life.

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