>> 7.03.2008

Today my goal is to be a woman at peace.
Somehow, that desire slipped out for awhile and I turned right back into the anxious, self-criticizing person that could eat herself alive.
I need God to give me peace and settle me with the fact that I am doing the best I can, and that is enough for Him. I don't need to compare myself or any extension of my life to anyone/thing else because there is no point. What God has designed for me is unique, so why wish I had something that wouldn't fit me anyway?

This is just wandering until I can gather my wits about me to keep on trucking for awhile.
It's been a quiet morning...kind of nice.
Wheat muffin (surprisingly tasty) and a mug of coffee.
Workout in two hours, then going home with Husband once work is over.
Fireworks and couple friends tonight...this could work.

God, I need some more inspiration.

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