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>> 8.06.2008

Well, my muscles definitely noticed the workout yesterday.
It's a good kind of ache though, the one that reminds you that your body could be and do so many things, just as long as you keep doing what your doing.
It's almost a reward, like you're muscles are saying, "Congratulations! All that work you did yesterday really did have an keep it up!"
Maybe I'm just crazy. I think it's the lack of exercise for two weeks that has me so excited about this.

I actually cooked dinner last night, even though Husband was working until midnight and it was just me in the apartment. It was fantastic and tasted so good- the only problem is that I was the only one around to marvel at it. The kicker is that I made sure that there were leftovers for him to have tonight (He's working until midnight again), he thought it was marinating and just left it there. Which probably means that I'll go home from work, get the chicken, and come all the way back, just to give it to him. Oh well. Not like I have much else going on at the moment.
What a problem my fantastic chicken created.

I'm just tired, somewhat content and debating whether or not I would be happier back in bed, or if I really am doing alright sitting here at this desk. I think I'm just hungry and it's clouding my vision.
I have a radio meeting today, after I get off work and I am brainstorming my brains out to try and come up with ideas for this semester. I enjoy this job, but it takes a lot of thought time. That and I'm such a perfectionist that I refuse to settle for events that are just sub-par. I want to change things, shake them up, and make a difference. The only problem is that I have NO idea how to accomplish that.
We'll see how it goes.

This is such a pointless rambling on about nothing. I thought about something to post on here while staring at myself in the mirror this morning, but I seem to have forgotten what exactly I was thinking. Apparently it wasn't that earth shattering.
Maybe it'll come back and I can remedy this meaningless jumble of words.

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