A rant

>> 11.18.2010

The following is not meant to offend, but rather to inform:

In the UK, you cannot get a bank account without verification of address. So, you must have a bill or bank statement with your name on it and your current address if you want to open up an account.
However, you cannot get an address without a bank account (so they can do a credit check), a paycheck being put into that bank account, and a whole bunch of other fees that equal about half of your savings.
You cannot get a job without an address, which you cannot get without a bank account, which you cannot get without an address.
You cannot get a cell phone (pardon me, a mobile phone) without a UK address in which you have lived for the last three years, a bank account with enough money coming into it, and a passable credit check.
And you cannot get any one of these things without the other, which begs the question, how does anyone in their right mind manage to live here?

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