>> 11.29.2010

Although there are things to say, I am lacking in pictures at the moment.

However, laundry is being done, lunch is being cooked, and after I finish working today I'm going to equip myself with Google Maps and get myself to the library.

This is progress.
This is big, big progress is the form of baby steps that are extraordinarily difficult at times.

For a lack of anything better, I'm going to give you my views every day.
Also, it snowed this morning, which made things infinitely better, so that is what that little smattering of white happens to be.

The view out of our bedroom at Hub's parent's house.

Looking the other way out the window. This is the back garden, and a bit of the neighbor's back garden.

View out the front room window. Mum and Dad's little hybrid, and SNOW!

My day, summed up by these three things--laptop, giant watter bottle, and my mug.

I promise to start taking more pictures, especially as I venture out of the house.
And, that's it folks
(I'm keeping it lighter today.)

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Dancing Branflake November 30, 2010 at 11:45 AM  

Hope you are well. I am sending off your package today. I hope it gets there in time!

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