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>> 2.10.2011

I'm listening to an amazing music mix that is bringing back nostalgia in the extreme.
I'm thinking about coffee shops in the city, amazing evenings with my husband, cupcakes with friends, and the life I left behind.

I've been doing so well lately, truly living where I am at, that this is kind of taking me by surprise.

But I think this is how moving on happens.

Piece by piece, your heart spits it back out at you while the hole slowly closes and you begin to lose the pain you felt when you looked back before.

"You can't just turn your heart off like a faucet; you have to go to the source and dry it out, drop by drop." 
-Sarah Dessen (Someone Like You) 

 LaSalle st.
ca. 2007

 Oak Street Beach
ca. 2007

 My favorite barista
ca. 2008

ca. 2008

ca. 2008

 The Coffee Studio
ca. 2009

 The last days
ca. 2010

ca. 2010

 Our kind of town
ca. 2010

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Kirra Sue February 10, 2011 at 7:49 AM  



I know when we leave I'll feel the same way.

I'll miss it.

Even though I dislike it so much of the time here.

We humans.

Complicated folk.

Love you so much.

Love your pictures too!

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