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>> 5.26.2011

My brain is stewing things around right now, but none of it is coherent enough to craft into sensible sentences.

So, for now, here's a picture of me and my giant 36-week-pregnant belly (can you tell that he's dropped? 'cause I can. Ha.):

Also, my "What To Expect When You're Expecting" app has just informed me that my baby is the size of a watermelon.
It's no wonder I have to lift my stomach up when I roll over in bed at night.

Although I am the crankiest person on the planet right now, due to the ridiculous amount of uncomfortableness I am experiencing, God keeps whacking me on the head with the fact that all of this (including the heartburn, nausea, backache, grinding hips, sciatica, insomnia, exhaustion, pelvic ligaments that are too loose, and electric shocks that occur when Jameson stabs me with his heels) is a blessing and I need to treat it that way. 

I have a healthy baby growing inside of me, and I am just a few weeks away from meeting him.
I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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The Winkler's May 30, 2011 at 9:03 AM  

i am so excited for you to start your mama journey! he is coming so soon. soak up these next few weeks, because I cannot remember the days when it was just ben and i. People used to always say that, and I didn't get it (and was actually kind of annoyed when they said it...but it's so true!!). Now, if I try to picture our honeymoon, or any of our early memories, I always picture ellie just being with a babysitter or something. SO WEIRD how life changes!! He IS such a blessing. How awesome that you are able to remember that, even with all your aches. Wow, life is SO uncomfy at the end!!! Feelin' for ya, girl!!!

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