being a wife.

>> 7.23.2012

I don't even know when we took this. I just found it.
Note how I am sporting the "mom-wear" sweatshirt. I told you it was my fave.

For as much as I talk about being a mom and my son, there is a whole other facet of my life that is just as, if not more important (and a whole other man, too).

Hubs and I have been married for over four years now and I still feel like I'm at the very beginning of this "figuring out how to be a wife" thing. Even though so many things have changed since we first got married, there are still so many things I need to change before I even scratch the surface of the "wife" I want to be.

We are such complex creatures, humans, and when you throw two of us together, interesting things happen. Babies are born. Memories are made. Tears are cried, laughter abounds, and eventually you are either closer to one being, or ready to part ways.

Thankfully, Hubs and I are the former (although there have been times I've thought the latter. I'll admit it. Marriage is hard).

Mostly I am just so thankful that I have been given someone that tolerates me in all of my sinful imperfection, and challenges me to change. Someone that enjoys living the same life I do, that shares the same passions and desires I do, and is just as childish as I am.

And even though there have been challenges that I am not sure we will ever overcome, we do.
We're still here.
And I love that.

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Dannii August 5, 2012 at 2:46 PM  

Don't concentrate on what you want to change and the imperfections, try to think about what is good about yourself, good about your life, take a positive out of a day and embrace it. For this you WILL become a better person because you are happier within and your perfections will shine through.

You have a beautiful family and good luck with the rest of it :)

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