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>> 7.31.2012

I got a massage and a facial today.

It was a redeemed groupon that I'd bought a million years ago (it seemed like), and I finally got everything together so that Hubs could stay with Jameson and I could go off and pretend that I was a woman of means and I didn't have to count every single penny I spent that day.

And it was the strangest thing (since I've never had a massage before, and have literally dreamed of getting one for as long as I can remember), but as I was laying there I just kept having this thought of, "How on earth can you think you deserve this? This is so indulgent. You should not have bought this--this money would have been better spent elsewhere." I was fighting to make my brain and my body relax so that I could just enjoy this time, this hour of silence and quiet and indulgence. And it was hard.

And I still can't figure out why.

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Dannii August 5, 2012 at 2:23 PM  

I know exactly what I mean, I hate spending money on myself it makes me feel bad and can never seem to figure out why.
I've had plenty of facials and massages because of my beautician training but oddly I don't enjoy them lol.

I'm so glad you found it 'somewhat' relaxing and you deserve it! Don't feel bad and enjoy. It is healthy to spend money on yourself from time to time. Beautiful photo x

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