overdue. [pt.1]

>> 12.09.2010

It's been a long time coming, but that's because I kept forgetting my camera cable, so I couldn't load any pictures up.
I'm going to break this up a bit, so that it's not as overwhelming.

First up, the Dickensian Christmas Festival that we went to in Rochester. It was really gray and cold that day, but we went with some American friends that we found (who also went to Moody, and who are also having a baby a month before us. Go figure.) and we had a great time.

The docks in Rochester. Please note the sky and the snow. 
The country got more snow in three days than they knew what to do with. 
Schools were closed, post offices stopped delivering mail, and EVERYONE stayed inside.
I loved it. : )

Inga, all dressed up in her Dickens costume.

A few others that decided to dress up as well.
(The town takes this thing seriously. People go all out on their costumes.)

Inga and Zac.

We were sooo hungry, and extremely cold, but all of the pubs were full up.
We finally found one that had seats available, called the Kings Head Hotel. 
Dave's bangers and mash, fancy style.

The festival also had a Christmas market that was full of people selling loads of homemade goods.
We bought some fantastic smelling potpurri and a bundle of cinnamon sticks.
Also, Dave let me get some cinnamon roasted cashews, cause I really love them.

It's not a Christmas festival without Bratwurst and Beer.

So, it's a bit hard to tell, but this was the crowd, all gathered together and singing Christmas carols with a choir.
We were right next to the cathedral in the town, which was gorgeous but hard to get pictures of because it was dark.

Silent Night.

After the festival was over, Erica, Zac, and Inga had Dave and I over for some deep dish pizza that they made from scratch.

It was delicious and reminded me of Chicago, 
which I have been missing more than I thought I would.

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