cold hands, warm hearts

>> 12.20.2010

Christmas is almost here, and I realized that I haven't yet posted what I received in the "cold hands, warm hearts" swap that much love, Illy and sandyalamode put together.

Blame it on the holidays, and the move I just participated in, and the fact that I am nearly 14 weeks pregnant and struggling to remember much of anything other than how hungry I am.

Anyway, I loved the idea behind this (I always wanted a pen-pal when I was a kid, but it never happened. So this kind of made up for it.) and was super excited to get in on it, especially since I had just moved internationally and was missing America.

I got paired with the wonderful Tiffany, who runs Dancing Branflakes. Her blog is so cute, and I love all of her dinner party ideas, as well as her honesty.

So, without further ado, the loot!

 Yay! Look at all my treasures!
I was so excited while opening this--just as my husband.
The perfect cuddle blanket.
 I have used this every day since it arrived.
Not even kidding.
My husband keeps saying, "But you have other blankets!" and I reply, "But this one is so cute and the perfect size!"

 This journal is so beautiful and precious and I am almost afraid to use it.
I haven't decided what to put in there yet. 
I'm saving it for the perfect story.

 Loads of cute gloves, my journal, and some delicious-smelling hand sanitizer.
I will tell you a secret--usually, I have a huge aversion to hand sanitizer cause it smells all antiseptic and stuff.
But this stuff smells good. I guarantee you, I will run out of it. : )

Sadly, I didn't quite get my package out on time, as the English don't know how to handle the snow, and the first big snowstorm of the year had hit the day before they were supposed to be mailed out. We just got another storm, so now we're back in the same situation we were two weeks ago. The post has been backed up for ages, the airports are closed, and the country is in chaos.
So I'm hoping that Tiffany's package arrived in one piece, even though it was unacceptably late.

So there you have it. 
Some extra Christmas cheer to help this pregnant lady through her first Christmas season away from her family. 
It was nice.

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Sandy a la Mode December 20, 2010 at 3:17 PM  

ohhhh you got some great goodies from tiffany~!!! i love it!! sorry to hear about the weather there though!! thanks SOO much for participating in the swap, friend!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly December 20, 2010 at 3:22 PM  

camielle, what a box of goodies you got! tiffany is amazing and i'm so glad you guys got to "meet." thanks for blogging about this and joining in the fun!!!

stay warm!!

Stacey December 29, 2010 at 10:07 AM  

Cami, I just wanted to let you know that I love this post! So much in fact I think I am going to host my very own swap. My first one ever. I just think this is a fantastic idea. Any how it looks like you got some pretty great goodies. Thanks for sharing sweetie!

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