five years, six days.

>> 2.14.2012

That title is probably misleading.

Maybe it should be "five years. six days".

Because what I am talking about is the fact that five years ago, my husband asked me out on our first date, and as a result, I am spending my sixth Valentine's day with him.

Not only that, but I get two Valentines now, because I have a son. (Score another one in the "having a boy" category. Sometimes being the only girl has it's perks.)

I woke up to these:

According to Hubs, Jameson picked these out for me.

A dozen red roses from my love.

And these:

Because he knows how much I love Valentine's Day, even though it's "commercial".

Apparently, this took a million years to make, and included an incredible mess.
All while I was spinning my butt off at the gym.
I love my guys.

Then Hubs took me to this restaurant, followed by this:

Then I got to hang out with these guys:

He's like, "Come on, Mom. That's enough now."

I love this. I know Jameson and I are out of focus, but it's my family.
We are happy.

And now I'm here.

Such a blessed woman, am I.
And a happy one, at that.

3 thoughts:

Carrie February 15, 2012 at 9:23 AM  

Those flowers are gorgeous!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous,  February 17, 2012 at 9:41 AM  

So precious! love love you and your little family! Also, if you want to know something that may or may not be super creepy... my friend Emily and I totally have decided that Jameson is our favorite baby, so she made me this totally awesome (we think) valentine's card this year that had a picture of your baby, a painting, and a picture of so Rothko me puppies. Yup. Hahaha! it is my fave ever. We were not sure if you guys would find that totally weird or totally awesome, but we think Jameson is the cutest/funniest/most adorable personality.

Alli February 17, 2012 at 9:42 AM  

Sorry, that "Anonymous" was from me. I just hit enter before I put my name in. :)

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