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>> 8.01.2012

Look at me being all posey.

Dress, Leggings: H&M// Sandals: Atmosphere by Primark//
Necklace: anniversary gift from Hubs (Warren James)

Well, well, well.
Look at me breaking out the fancy camera and "professional" pictures on you. 
I know. 

I did it this way because we were on our way out the door and I realized I needed an outfit for today, and it was the spur of the moment so I said, "Hey, Hubs, can you just take my picture really fast?"
"For your blog-thingy?" He answered back.
"Yup. For my blog-thingy."

These pictures are evidence of the fact that the sun never sticks around long in England, even if the temperatures rise a little bit. Although, I did end up putting a coat on later in the afternoon while we were out. Ugh. 

In case you can't tell, I've been into easy dresses lately. I love summer dresses, and the fact that summer only sticks around for four days here kills me, so I've been trying to wear as many as I possibly can. Plus, they're an outfit in themselves, so I don't have to do any match-work. Because (let's get really honest here), I'm pretty sure that Jameson stole my fashion sense after he was born. 
Honestly, I used to kind of know what I was talking about when it came to shopping and dressing myself but now, when I get into a store I just kind of stand around and think, "Right. I don't even know what I'm looking for."
And then I get sad, and feel very un-womanly-like and just throw on my favorite sweatpants

Send help. Maybe in the form of Gok Wan.

Hair band, bow: Claire's

And finally, the moment all you ladies, (and probably more ladies) have been waiting for, the highly anticipated hair donut!
My hair is still wet here because we'd just come back from family swim time, but you get the gist of it.
Even though it looks like my hair has been masterfully swept up all on it's own, it's not.

 This little guy is hiding inside, holding up my hair and making it look beautiful.

I would do some fancy-pants video and show you how to do it yourself, but there are a million and one on YouTube, so I'll just leave you this and tell you to practice a lot, because it takes awhile to figure out how to get all your squirrely hairs in there.
If you really, really need me to (and you ask really nicely) maybe I'll make a video showing you how I do it. Maybe.

And that's the end of this "me-pretending-to-know-what-I'm-talking-about-when-it-comes-to-fashion" post.

The pretend fashionista inside will be back next week.

3 thoughts:

eliseloyola August 2, 2012 at 9:10 AM  

I love the bow!!! Such a cute touch!

Dannii August 5, 2012 at 2:29 PM  

Great outfit, the hair especially! You are really pretty as well :) Well I loved your "me-pretending-to-know-what-I'm-talking-about-when-it-comes-to-fashion" post. Can't wait to see next weeks. x

Kelly August 6, 2012 at 7:00 PM  

Easy sun dresses are my go to staple in the summer. What a cute updo! Thanks for stopping by savvy Suburban. I love the beautiful photos on your site.

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