the background [pt.5]

>> 8.31.2012

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I'm sure there are some of you that are wondering where exactly I think God was during my whole tragic ordeal.

He was there.

And He's still here, regardless of whether I want to acknowledge that or not. 

So much of these past nine years have been spent wrestling with God, demanding an answer and promising to "do better" as long as He'd tell me why or get me through it. I'd rant and rave, and then I'd beg and plead, and then I'd sit and simmer.

Ironically, I honestly feel like I've found myself the most distant from God in just the last two years. 

You'd expect it to be on the nights where the blood was flowing and my heart was pounding and all I wanted to do was escape, but even then, I knew He was there. I knew, and I knew that it would be a relief to stop being here and start being there. Sure, I thought that I wasn't good enough and I thought that He must be angry at me, but I knew He was still around.

But the last two years--maybe the last six months in particular--I've found myself in an ambivalent state. 
(and I think this is the most raw and terrifying confession of them all)
It's the closest I've ever come to "losing my faith".

You see, it seems like the hits just keep coming.
Some of the blows are softer and don't knock us all the way down.
Others strike sharp and hard, leaving us reeling and crawling on the ground trying to find a safe place to hide.
And all I want to do is stand up and shout at the sky, "This is what You promised us? How does this serve You? How does this bring You glory in any sort of way? Where are You?"
But I keep my head down instead, for fear of being struck even harder, and I go on about my life with a semi-blatant disregard for anything having to do with God.


I told Hubs today, "I just need to fall in love with Jesus again."
And this is true.
I need to sit, and savor, and be still. 
I need to stop rushing around and stop trying.
--more Bible, more prayer, more church, more study, more holy.
It's exhausting.

And before you start shouting "behind me Satan",
I'm not saying that it doesn't all have value.
Of course it does.
Of course it's all important.
 But it's not always about the action.
Sometimes it's about the motivation behind the action
and right now, the motivation is wrong.

So for now, I am choosing to believe that God can and will meet me where I'm at.
I am choosing to believe that He loves me despite ______ (fill in the blank).


Ben Howard's 'The Wolves' is playing right now, and it feels strangely accurate.

So, even though this post feels like it's lacking all of the right words, and even though it feels like nothing came out right, I'm going to dump it all out and leave it.

It is time to be finished.

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and understanding.
It felt like ripping my heart out to write these five pieces of smoldering honesty, but it's a relief.
And there is more, because there is always more. 
And if you need someone to listen, someone to dump it onto, I'm here.

I love you all.

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Kari Kotter August 31, 2012 at 7:48 PM  

Although I can't say I know exactly how you feel, I do feel like we've had some similar feelings recently. I have felt like every time I get back on my feet from one of these trials, I just get hit down with another more difficult one. Some times it's really hard not to be angry with God. But I am trying my best not to be. He knows the big picture and I know that he will bless us so much more for every trial we endure through. But sometimes when you're in the middle of all the heartache and pain, it's very hard to feel like he's there holding you and loving you. I am sorry you have to go through your hardship, but just know that others are suffering too. You are not alone and He hasn't forgotten you! Love you and praying for you Cami!

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