day 14 [round two]

>> 1.14.2013

Day 14
Meal 1: 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, coffee w/creamer (brought to me in bed my the amazing Hubs. My first breakfast in peace in weeks!)

Meal 2: 2 bowls zucchini soup, 1 sweet potato

Snack: 1 apple

Meal 3: Roasted chicken, carrots

Snack: Apple w/almond butter

Not a bad day today.
Took Jameson out in the rain because we think we've figured out that he needs to run around outside for awhile in order to sleep at night. And when the choice is between wandering in the rain for a few hours, or sitting awake at 2 in the morning praying for sleep, we chose rain.

Hubs has been a little crazy about the packing lately, but I know the stress is starting to wear on him, so I spent a good portion of the night sorting through boxes and taking pictures down. The walls are now empty, the bookshelf is littered with a few knick-knacky remains and I've gone down sentimental memory lane reading through all the cards and letters from nearly six years ago, when Hubs and I first met.

Ah, love.

Also, in case you're on the edge of your seats wondering, I'm officially a Who-vian. (My awesome-ness and enviability just went through the roof, I know). I finished the first season, cried at the end of it and fist-pumped whilst sitting by myself in the living room. Amazing.

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