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>> 1.01.2013


I'm keeping a "what I ate" log for this whole30, per the request of a few different people. If there's an amazeballs recipe that I try and love, I'll do my best to post the link and let you know where I found it. If you're really into it, you can check out my paleo pinterest board and grab some stuff for yourself.

This is the workout I'll be doing attempting every other day. I did it this morning, two circuits through and was pretty much toast afterwards.
Awesome. At least I've got goals to work towards.
I like this routine because I can do it at home if I don't feel like schlepping myself out to the gym, but I can also get it all done there if I need to get out of the house and regain some sanity.

Other goals include...

Improve my sleeping habits: Get to bed earlier, sleep better, be more rested. Done.

Improve my relationship with food: Fight (and kill) the sugar dragon. Stop worrying about what I eat, and when I eat, and why I eat, and just EAT. To think about food more (where it comes from, how it is nourishing my body, the joy of creating a great meal) and to think about food less (the random food item calling to me from the cupboard, the guilt-ridden struggle of "should I eat this? should I not?")

Get back on the workout train: Strength training every other day, and advance to 3 (maybe 4) circuits by the end of the month. Lots of walking at random times.

Get comfortable in my own skin: Stop being defined by the scale and numbers and measurements. Knowing these things for tracking purposes (and I feel accomplished when the numbers are good), but to not be constantly worried if I've put on a pound or two here or there. I just want to go by how I feel and look.

Now. Down to the food.

Day 1

Pre-Workout: Hard-boiled egg

Meal 1: 2 sausages (handmade from our local butcher--meat and spices only), 2 eggs, handful of cherry tomatoes, coffee with this amazing creamer.

Snack: Sweet potato w/olive oil and salt

Meal 2: 1 1/2 salmon steaks, brussel sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, apple, herbal tea

Snack: Handful of cherry tomatoes, 1/4 sweet potato, fried egg

Working out was good this morning. The hard-boiled egg was not. I had actually gotten to a point in my last whole30 where I didn't mind boiled eggs, but it looks like I've got some work to do before I get there again. I was super full after breakfast, and almost felt nauseous. I think my body has slidden (is that even a word?) off track just enough to be off-balance again, so my leptin levels probably need to work themselves out again. By the time I woke up from a nap with my guys at 12:30 I was super hungry, but couldn't eat lunch since we were going to the in-laws house for it, so I ate a sweet potato I had cooked earlier and it was SO GOOD. Dang. I forgot how much I love sweet potatoes. (Clearly, since I ate like 2 of them today).

I ate a lot of food at lunch, which was late, so I've just hit 7 p.m. and am not super hungry. Went for a "mini-meal", because I know it's important to eat at regular timing so that my hormones can stay in balance, but to be honest, all I want is a Diet Coke/glass of wine/bowl of ice cream.

Today has been good, although my stomach's been on-and-off sometime after 2 p.m. or so. Maybe it's just me mentally detoxing and my body's picking up on the cues, or maybe I was consuming more crap than I thought and actually have started detoxing. Who knows. Regardless, mentally I feel good about my fresh start and the day I've had. Physically, I don't feel great, but I know that's to be expected. 

Right. Okay. This was a super long intro post, but there you go. 
Feel free to leave your own food logs in the comments, and let me know how your first day went--I am so excited to hear from you all!

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Corrie January 2, 2013 at 11:39 AM  

you know what camille? way to be dedicated. you've been working at being healthy for so long and that's so impressive. way to stick with it and to always be willing to try new ways to keep you and your boys strong =) *raises glass of...water?

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